Heroes Architects & Engineers

New Functions of ParaStaad WIP3.4 

Now Staad.Pro is able to SYNC with Rhino, It makes the modelling incredible easy in Staad.pro.

As we know rhino is design software, the interface and modelling function is much more powerful than structural software, therefore, we try to use rhino as 
modelling interface instead of staad.pro.

Check this video out : https://youtu.be/VIFcN2BmQew

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Our philosophy 

Everyone participated in Heroes Architects & Engineers is our partner and hero.  every college is not just working under a giant company name which is only contribute to one name,  the achievement of company is belong to everyone in the company, the unsung heroes. 

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Our values 

Our mission is to offer every architects and engineers an oppotuniy a new work style than ever before. The architects can proceed with engineering analysis and at the same time the engineers can built own parametric model with our software.

It applicable for every design from skyscraper to chair, that special function they always dreamed of. 

We will make sure to turn the entire process into a period full of fun and great memories. Every great thing starts with the first step — offer us the honour of being there for you and we’ll turn your dreams into reality!  

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  • Aviation / Transportation 
  • CommercialCultural & Entertainment 
  • Data Center 
  • Education 
  • Government 
  • Green Building 
  • Healthcare 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Interiors 
  • Industrial / Manufacturing 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Public Assembly 
  • Religious 
  • Research & Development 
  • Residential / Hotel 
  • Retail & Restaurant 
  • Sports 

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About Us 

Heroes Architects & Engineers is a international new building techonology company and is a leading builder in diverse and numerous market segments. The company has the most innovative poineer architects and engineers. won a number of reputation for undertaking big, complex projects, implementing the latest technologies, employing innovation, and making a difference for the clients and community. With a staff of over 5 countries employees who work on more than 1,00 projects previously, we offer clients the innovation and resources of a highly reputable organization. 

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